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Boomerang Competitions

The 2007 National Boomerang Tournament was held this year in Eau Claire Wisconsin in some of the blueest skies and greenest greens imaginable. Some of the competitors got to see some of those green woods up close and personal with LD throws returning 70 - 80 yards off course. There are tree huggers and tree climbers in this world and some of us are both! Seriously though, most of the best boomerang throwers in the US and some from around the world showed up to compete in the biggest boomerang tournament of 2007 for the national championships. Hosted by Don Monroe, the USBA and the fine city of Eau Claire the tournament was a huge success. Check out some photos below and stay tuned for lots more coming soon!

Southern California Organization of Rang Enthusiasts

2nd Annual S.C.O.R.E. Boomerang Tournament March 31st and April 1st!!
Its official, Morri & the gang hosted their 2nd annual boomerang tournament in Southern California. Competitors came all the way from Chicago and Seattle to take part in a fun weekend in the sun.

Last year they were approved by the USBA to hold an officially sanctioned tournament on the beach by marking the lines in the sand. That tournament went well but by the end of the day the lines were hard to maintain. This year Morri came up with a manufactured Astro-Turf portion of the boomerang field that lay on top of the sand with the lines painted on the turf. This was perfect! The Turf area covered the accuracy rings and was one meter larger than the 10 meter ring and the 20 thru 50 was still marked in the sand. This made a huge difference in holding a tournament on the beach as maintaining the lines was no longer an issue.

This was a great time to visit Southern California as the winds were mild and the temps were warm. The event was only five miles from LAX airport and about fifteen miles from Long Beach Airport (the Jet-Blue airport). Party central was at Morri's house and Randy's home down the street.

See some head to head photos of Dan and Richard Bower , Steve Kavanaugh and the host Morri Mohr . Morri was a terrific tournament director! A fun time was had by all. Needless to say, the Seattle crew was victorious with the Bower brothers tied for first overall and Steve Kavanaugh 3rd. Casey Larrance won the MTA.

Sunday we had some head to head fast catch and some great "GLORP" Trick Catch competion with every catch imaginable; i.e. behind the back as shown here, under the shirt, between the legs, Flamingo style, on top of the head...etc. Steve K may have won some serious style points with the audience (of which we had many passers by in bikinis and roller skates ...etc.) but the Bower brothers pulled it out in the end again. Not bad for an old guy though Steve. They are half your age and of course you taught them everything! Steve gave the best "banter" hands down! The Mexican food was awesome as well. "Retro Dan" was the overall star of GLORP though as the eliminator for most of the round. Old guys definitely ruled ...until the Bowers wiped them out!

Individual Boomerang Competition Event Rules
Boomerang Throwing Accuracy
As the name of the event implies, the accuracy event is used to measure how accurate the thrower can toss the boomerang. The thrower stands in the center of a bullseye, painted on the ground, and throws the boomerang towards the outer circle. Points are scored based on how close the boomerang lands to the center of the circle. In essence, the thrower is trying to get the boomerang to come back to the point where he/she is standing. The boomerang must fly at least 20 meters for the throw to count.
Australian Round Boomerangs
Points are scored in the Aussie Round event based on accuracy, distance, and catchability. The thrower again stands in the center of the bullseye and throws the boomerang towards the outer circle. The boomerang must fly at least 20 meters, but in this event the thrower is awarded additional points when the boomerang goes further than 20 meters. If the throw goes 50 meters or more the thrower is awarded maximum points for distance. The accuracy and catchability scores are determined by where the boomerang lands in respect to the bullseye and whether or not it is caught. If the boomerang is caught inside the bullseye, the thrower is awarded full points for accuracy and catchability.
Boomerang Throwing Endurance
The Endurance event is a five minute timed event. The thrower attempts to throw and catch his boomerang as many times as possible in the five minute time allotment. The score is determined by how many successful catches the thrower can make. Each throw must fly further than 20 meters to be eligible for a point.
Fast Catch Boomerangs
This event is similar to the Endurance event, except there is no allotted time. The thrower must successfully throw and catch his/her boomerang 5 times as quickly as possible. Again, each throw must go at least 20 meters to be counted.
MTA (Maximum Time Aloft Boomerangs)
As suggested by the name, the MTA event is scored based on how long the boomerang remains in the air. The score for each round is based on one throw, and although throwers attempt to throw as far as possible, the boomerang again must fly at least 20 meters to be scored. Boomerangs for this event are very specialized and can be recognized by their distinct small shape.
Trick Catch Boomerangs
The Trick Catch event consists of two rounds, a single throw and a double throw. Throwers first attempt the sequence required for one boomerang. Sequences can vary between competitions, but examples of the types of single trick catch can include: behind-the-back, under-the-leg, hackey catch, single hand behind the back, a foot catch, and others. After all throwers have attempted the sequence of the single catch round, the doubling round begins. The thrower is required to throw two boomerangs per turn and must catch them in a particular trick sequence. Like the single trick catch, specific types of catches and sequences can vary but examples are: behind-the-back & under-the-leg, hackey catch & a one handed catch, and other combinations. The thrower will typically continue to score points until he/she unsuccessfully makes the required trick catch. Points are awarded based on the type of catch, and can vary depending on where in the sequence the required catch is.
Boomerang Team Events (4 Throwers per Team)
Team Endurance Relay Boomerang Throwing
The first team member runs to the bullseye and attempts as many throws and catches as possible in the allotted time, usually one minute. Once the time is up, the first team member runs back to the team, tags the next member and the cycle continues. Individual catches are totaled up and the team score is based on the number of individual catches.
Team Position Boomerang Throwing
The team is allowed eight throws in this event. The first thrower begins in the bullseye and the second thrower throws from where the first boomerang lands. The third throw is made from where the second boomerang lands and so on. Points are awarded based on how close the final boomerang lands to the bullseye.
Team Relay Boomerang Throwing
Similar to the Team Endurance Relay, throwers take turns running to the bullseye, throwing, and then running back to tag the next team member. This event is usually timed and scoring is awarded based on the total number of successful catches.
Team Boomerang Supercatch Throwing
The Team Supercatch is the only event where multiple boomerangs are thrown simultaneously. One team member throws an MTA boomerang while the others throw Fast Catch boomerangs until the MTA is caught, or hits the ground. Points are awarded based on the total number of catches.
Other Boomerang Team Events
The Accuracy, Australian Round, MTA and Trick Catch events can also be oriented to incorporate a team of throwers. Typically the event is conducted similarly to the individual event, and the team score is comprised of the total of the individual team member scores.
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