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Good Boomerangs

Good Boomerangs
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Suite E
4095 Oceanside Blvd.
Oceanside CA 92056

Phone: 888-734-1166

1) Quality wood and materials! Our regular "Colorado Boomerangs" brand boomerangs are hand crafted right here in the USA using airplane grade plywood imported from Finland. Many of our imported boomerangs are also made from carbon fibre or ABS plastic.
2) We sand each of our hand crafted "Colorado Boomerangs" with a machine for about 3 minutes and then hand sand each to smooth out the transition edges. Proper sanding is essential to the boomerang making process.
3) We've upgraded our artwork process substantially. No more spray can artwork on any of our USA made boomerangs. Professional artists hand paint or airbrush on our Colorado Boomerangs designs. You will notice the difference!
4) We have the best "How to throw boomerangs" instructions in the business! Twenty-four pages with extensive graphics and step by step instructions. Conveniently pocket-sized for use in the field!
5) Want to see how to throw a boomerang? Our video demos are very helpful, check them out on our website or some recommended boomerang sites:

*** Quality tested boomerang designs. Hand-crafted since 1987... Colorado Boomerangs!

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Boomerangs are a sports article, not a toy. See our Boomerang safety information before throwing a sport boomerang. Pay attention while they are in the air because you are the target!
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