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Manu Schütz Sets new World Record in Fast Catch Boomerang Event!

Dana Larrabee

"Manu" does it again! Last weekend he set a new world record for the Fast Catch event at 5 throws and catches of at least 20 meters diameter  in 14.07 seconds, surpassing Adam Ruhf's 21 year old record. Manu is now the current record holder in 4 major boomerang competition events. For more on this story see Fast Catch Boomerang World Record holder!


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  • jeffrey on

    manu sells his 3 blade booms on this site.. you need to tune a fast catch boomerang.. its not like anything else u have ever done . It takes patience

  • Dana A Larrabee on

    Manu makes his own boomerangs. Whatever he used would be optimized for his arm strength. It is also very difficult to throw and catch a fast catch boomerang with a hard throw straight around like that. He actually uses an old ski mitten worn in to catch with impact mainly on his left hand as the impact is hard. He also measures the radius of throws for each boomerang in order to just barely pass the 20 meter mark. It would be best to try several models to throw with, and utilize different ones for different wind conditions. You might want to try one of our new “Kuzco” boomerangs which are very light and fast and capable of sub 20 second times. It would be good to have a heavier, more wind resistant model with holes drilled and such for better performance on windy days. You never know what wind conditions will be available in any given tournament.

  • Francis Maxino on

    Hi, do you have any idea what type and model of trirang Shutz used for his fast catch record please ? (Or is that a Euro team secret?) Would like to find out who the maker was because I would like a seriously accurate and equally fast, well tuned trirang to train with for this event,
    Angle it closer to vertical and gentler force in stronger breezes,

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