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Dana Larrabee

Kalmanson 5 Star


In case you haven't noticed we at Boomerangs.com LOVE boomerangs and have been collecting them for many years now. Lots of people "collect" boomerangs as a hobby or investment. Some boomerangs have sold for well over $1000 and it is not unusual at all for classic boomerangs to be sold for over $200. Competitors want the very best equipment in their bag. Some boomerangs have historic value and some are examples of technological innovations. Some boomerang crafters are just unique in their abilities to make the finest boomerangs in the world and we stand...

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Boomerang News

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Stay tuned for updated news on current boomerang sport information, such as an update on the recent US Nationals and European Championships as well as the upcoming World Championships in Kiel Germany!

World Boomerang Championships 2016 @ Kiel, Germany Jul 20 – Jul 30 all-day


Wed-Thu 20-21 Jul – Arrival, Registration, Circles, Captains Meeting

Fri 22 Jul – Team Day 1

Sat 23 Jul – Team Day 2

Sun 24 Jul – Rain Day/Make-up Day for lost events Days 1 and 2

Mon 25 Jul – Team Day 3

Tue 26 Jul – Team Day 4/Make-up Day for lost events...

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